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Using both her life’s pain and triumphs as fuel, celebrity fitness guru, plant-based super athlete and total body-mind-spirit cover model Mandy Gill shows us all what happiness we can have when we claim responsibility for our own contentment and embrace our beautiful, authentic selves.

Today she is featured in magazines, endorsed by national athletic and fashion brands, regularly booked as a fitness and nutrition expert and motivational speaker, and has appeared hundreds of times on talk format and morning television programs. Yet, the wisdom that she shares was not learned in school or in books, but rather through struggle, hitting bottom, getting up again, choosing to survive—and ultimately deciding to thrive.

At five years old, Mandy thought she had lost everything. Her father filed for divorce; her grandfather died; her mother lost her job, fell into a deep depression resulting in suicidal thoughts, and ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Mandy was confused. And while she was dearly cared for, Mandy felt as if it was her responsibility, at least in her own mind, to take care of everyone, and vowed to make all well again.

Months had passed before her mother checked herself out of the hospital—ready to be Mum again—the first of many returns to ‘normal’ that would not last long enough. But lack had settled in and normal was in short supply. The carefree days of childhood were gone.

One afternoon, Mandy came home from childcare, hungry, only to face a new low. In her mom's half-empty home she searched bare kitchen cupboards, using stools and her tiptoes, to find only a single can of mushrooms. “That’s all we had left,” Mandy recalls. She had a choice that five-year-olds shouldn’t have: Eat the mushrooms right then as an after school snack, or wait and share with her family for dinner later? Mandy weighing hunger pains against an instinct to nurture in this small measure. She chose to share. 

“That was the moment,” Mandy recalls, “Looking at that can of mushrooms. After that I became restrictive.”