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Ryan Anderson

Personal Training Client 2+ Years

"This morning I am doing something I haven't done in over 6 years. I'm putting on a bathing suit. I usually wear shorts and a t-shirt but not today...we are having family day at Kits pool...the most pretentious family hangout spot in Vancouver.. but do I care? No, because I have people like Mandy and so many others in my corner cheering me on. Regardless of my hanging skin, stretch marks, fat pockets and some emerging muscles. Mandy, as you enjoy your Sunday please take a moment to think about me swimming like nemo and taking this step to self acceptance."

"I have had the absolute pleasure to know Mandy for the past 2 years. Mandy started with me as my personal trainer coming to my home and local gym 2 days a week. I needed to have someone commit to me and help me see my goals through, while holding me accountable. Mandy’s outgoing and positive personality keeps me motivated for all workouts, and uplifts whatever negative spirit I may be in some days. She has been extremely flexible in her hours to accommodate my busy work/life balance which has made all of the difference for me. Eating healthy while being trained by Mandy has helped me not only reach, but exceed my fitness goals and I have Mandy to thank for that. I believe Mandy exemplifies the entrepreneurship, dedication, and vision for her business to thrive. You go girl!"


Personal Training Client 1 Year

"Mandy is an incredible inspiring individual, someone who has redefined the health and wellness space not only in Vancouver, but in Canada. Her creative approach to fitness, functionality and food is different than the typical fitness philosophies that are routine within the fitness/wellness space. Her insatiable desire to constantly innovate and create new solutions breaking barriers in an industry that has been flat for sometime.As President and CEO of Canada's largest mortgage company employing more than 4800 individuals, I am always blown away by Mandy's work ethic. She regularly can be found working 16 or 17 hour days,  often seven days a week moving between her clients, her charity work, her TV appearances, the test kitchen or her burgeoning food manufacturer. Identified as an expert in her field  she is consistently giving of her time, advice and leadership for heavyweights such as Reebok, Steve Nash Fitness and numerous media outlets. I believe what really separates Mandy from others is her come from behind story, a story that resonates, lifts and inspires everyone struggling with body image and confidence, especially young women. Mandy walks the walk, and talks the talk from real life experience. She has a heart of gold, a never stop positive energy, and desire to make a dent in this world."


Former Co-worker Since 2007

"I have known Mandy Gill for 8 years, but truthfully it feels like a lifetime. Let me start by saying, Mandy is unique and one of a kind. But she doesn’t operate like that in the world. In fact, she treats everyone with kindness and an inclusiveness that would make any soul feel welcome.

Mandy started off her career in Radio and Television broadcasting here in Vancouver. Working her way up tirelessly from behind the scenes, with many hours unpaid just to “learn and grow” she quickly became a star behind the mic. She never let any form of fame and recognition go to her head. Rather, she has always remained genuine and focused. To her, ‘recognition’ meant ‘reach’, and with the ability to extend she made the promise to make a difference.
On her ascend up the radio ladder, she hit a snag that no one saw coming. Her former boss (who happens to be my current one) still says to this day, after his 25+ years in broadcasting, she was the hardest to terminate due to budget cuts/reconstructing. All of us were sad to see her go. She has an infectious smile and a willingness to help out whenever and wherever. Her energy in the hallways is missed.

And in her darkest hour of what felt like losing a career she worked so hard for, loved and was good at, something incredible happened. It was in that moment that she became a full on innovator and entrepreneur. She built herself back up, on her own, piece by piece, tears and all. Her broadcasting background gave her the confidence and strength to follow her dreams of promoting health and fitness. In a few short months, she built her own mini empire, hired her own staff of coaches and web developers. MGM Fitness (Mandy Gill Motivates) became a reality, a company that trains average women and men to learn proper technique and achieve their fitness goals. She became such a hit that her old company Bell Media said “Hey we love what you’re doing- come back as a featured host on CTV Vancouver!” And so, her work continues to be showcased on a even greater level, this time with CTV Morning Live.

Just as the business took off, her mother got sick- and so it was a delicate balance between flying home and managing this new endeavour. Somehow, with grace, she managed. When her clients asked about how to incorporate nutrition with their workouts, Mandy delved into every aspect of food/cooking knowledge she could get her hands on....books, articles and online forums became her religion which masterfully manifested itself as MGM Fit Foods. That business model has also skyrocketed with even more staff being hired and new jobs created. She personally continues to oversee the kitchen and develop new menu items that have never been tried in Vancouver. (Side note: Not only do I regularly buy them from her self-built website, but her nutritious, healthy meals are now also available in Steve Nash fitness centers!). While this all seems “good enough”, I can only imagine where her passion and drive will bring her in 2016.

Mandy shared with me a story that dates back in the year 2001. I used to work in her hometown of Calgary, AB. One night she called into my nighttime radio show and we briefly chatted (knowing her, she probably also snuck in a request for a Backstreet Boys song!). In a way, having that small connection, I became one of her first mentors. I never took that lightly. Today, as I sit back and see her success grow, her healthy ego focused, her heart expand and her business bloom, it dawns on me that Mandy Gill is now one of my mentors. She has been through so much and never hangs her head down low for too long. To know that in the face of adversity, whether it be dealing with suppliers, managing 2 dogs on her own, early hours delivering meals, late nights in the gym coaching a client who does shift work.... she doesn’t fail, she just keeps going. And when Mandy sees a fear in front of her- she stands up tall and walks through it, instead of the easier walking around it. She inspires countless women (and men) to be better and to do better. A woman with business savvy and a heart of gold is a rare mixture to find. I can’t think of anyone else in this city more deserving.

All along here I thought I was teaching her, when in fact she continues to teach me. I am better for knowing her. She continues to inspire, in ways that she knows (and in some ways that she might never know)."


darren mcqueen

Distance Programming Client 18 Months

"I have never met anyone so dedicated to their craft then the founder of MGM Fitness & MGM Fit Foods, Mandy Gill. She has helped me to become healthier, stronger and fitter than I've ever been. She motivates me to keep pushing and want more."

"Thank you for your presentation this morning. I knew you would be a perfect fit for our group, as we can be a tough crowd.  You put a lot of energy into structuring a session that would fit our group's needs, and that was apparent.  You had the room so engaged, and I can tell you I have sat through countless hours of CUPE staff training that did not go that direction at all (in fact, many times it goes the opposite direction).  I heard from colleagues after your session that they really enjoyed their time with you, and found you to be incredibly knowledgeable but in an approachable way.  Your positive energy is contagious and your empathy and genuine care for participants was readily apparent - you did such a great job of putting people at ease, which you could probably tell given how personal the questions got from some participants who rarely would speak up about such issues. 

I loved your structure- starting with visioning, bringing a personal element, getting people engaged, getting people moving, and closing with a delicious and easy recipe, and back to the visioning - you really brought it full circle and I could see it really clicked with people.  I personally felt inspired to do more for myself and my long term health goals, and motivated to make those changes in doable chunks (rather than feeling overwhelmed by what the outcome of change looks like). 

You truly have a gift for what you do - seeing you in action was really amazing for me, and makes me want to spend more time with you in that capacity."


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