MANDY GILL nutrition APP

Build the body you've always dreamt of with celebrity fitness guru, plant-based super athlete, and total body-mind-spirit cover model Mandy Gill. With Mandy’s passion for creating healthy relationships around whole food ingredients to nourish your body for optimal health, consider your personal goals reality. Mandy Gill’s Online Nutrition Program combines education, motivation, transformation, and most importantly accountability through supportive teamwork.

Mandy Gill and her team work one-on-one with all dietary preferences (including yet not limited to plant-based plus allergy considerations).

Mandy Gill Buddha Bowl

MANDY GILL nutrition APP:

  • Live Skype consult to review personal goals and nutrition layout based on lifestyle, food preferences, meal prep interest/ideas, supplementation, and more.

  • Daily measurement submission and nutrition coaching at your fingertips in an easy-to-use app, compatible with your phone, tablet, and more.

  • Weekly live Skype calls to review current progress (schedule in advance).

  • Minimum 3 month commitment.

Total personal investment: $275/month


“Anyone can hire a nutrition coach but if you really want to work towards a life changing goal that will force you to focus on growing your nutrition and wellness goals for life, I highly recommend Mandy Gill and her team. Change at first may seem so easy…but it’s not. It will take a few months to truly understand and realize how much effort and trust you need to put into you! And it only gets easier, and is entirely worth it. To Mandy Gill and her team, thank you for your support, honesty, and perseverance.”

- Trisha Noon