Healthy Habits Workshop

with mandy gill

Plant-Based Super Athlete
Total Mind-Body-Spirit-Wellness Advocate


Using both her life’s pain and triumphs as fuel, celebrity fitness guru, plant-based super athlete and total body-mind-spirit cover model Mandy Gill shows us all what happiness we can have when we claim responsibility for our own contentment and embrace our beautiful, authentic selves.

Today she is featured in magazines, endorsed by national athletic and fashion brands, regularly booked as a fitness and nutrition expert and motivational speaker, and has appeared hundreds of times on talk format and morning television programs. Yet, the wisdom that she shares was not learned in school or in books, but rather through struggle, hitting bottom, getting up again, choosing to survive—and ultimately deciding to thrive.

Mandy Gill is based in Vancouver, Canada—an epicenter of healthy living—and is the founder of the international brand MGM Fitness; the MANDY GILL APP for personalized fitness and nutrition guidance at your fingertips; and a strategic partner in the private training facility ‘Mandy Gill Powered by New Edge Alliance Inc.’. She has been honored as a “YWCA (Vancouver) Woman of Distinction 2017” and nominated again for a second year in a row for 2018. Mandy Gill is proudly a Reebok Sponsored Athlete since 2010. Other major sponsorships include health-space brands Vital Supply Co., and Follow Mandy on Instagram @MGMFit_Mandy for everything from goal setting, to easy travel workouts with only a yoga towel and a resistance band, to finding the best plant-based restaurants around the globe. For service offerings, appearances and motivation, visit



The committee heard fantastic things from the people who were in your session. Thanks for putting together such a meaningful, engaging session.
— CUPE, 2019
Thanks Mandy! I found the workshop very helpful and am excited to receive the info on the topics we discussed. I particularly appreciated the comments about working from the inside out, and focussing on one change at a time – both helpful pieces of advice for me.
— Healthy Habits Workshop Attendee, 2019


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