goal setting with mandy gill

Build the life you've always dreamt of with celebrity fitness guru, plant-based super athlete, and total body-mind-spirit cover model Mandy Gill. From deadlifting 340lbs to running 304 kilometers in 36 hours, Mandy started her fitness journey over a decade ago unable to do a single push-up from her knees. With the highest training in mindset coaching, Mandy Gill is the ultimate goal setting international leader when it comes to optimal results.

Mandy Gill has lectured widely throughout North America to audiences of over 20,000 people, and is strongly as passionate about working one-on-one with you!

Chelsea Hobbis Fitness Transformation

'I'm the same person. It's been 9 months of this amazing life changing transformation. I pretty much birthed a 10 year old. I'm down 74 pounds to-date. I feel like I'm the same person, just a little faster, stronger, and best of all more confident. I can't wait to see what happens in the next 9 months, and the rest of my life for that matter. I couldn't have done this without your guidance and the support of Mandy Gill and her team.'

Chelsea Hobbis

Goal setting start-date: September 2016 (See more of Chelsea’s before & after)