Mandy Gill and Geremie Voigt

Mandy Gill and Geremie Voigt

The story of Buddha-Full

Buddha-Full was created by friends Geremie Voigt and Kyla Rawlins, who made their dreams a reality by being the first organic, raw vegan and gluten-free cafe on the North Shore with Buddha-Full opening its doors for the first time in 2010. Both passionate for healthy and conscious foods, the two wanted the opportunity to share their favourite meals and products with the local community. 

“We always wanted Buddha-Full, to be a warm light-hearted space that provided amazing nourishment. A space that would inspire and educate through intentional choices and insightful events.”

The two friends, for years had walked the line between hobbyist and obsessive health foodies and with an evolving menu and community, Buddha-Full has become an iconic spot in North Vancouver to eat healthy, connect deeply and learn how to become a better person.

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