Magazine Feature: Better Together. Fitness Tips for Pairs!

Why workout alone when you can harness the energy, motivation and fun of a partner? If I could only suggest two things to improve your health, I’d suggest exercising and spending quality time with a friend, so why not do it at the same time!

Pick up your copy of ILHSV 2019 Summer Magazine, or read the article I had so much fun writing and shooting here! As we enjoy these beautiful summer months, grab your workout buddy, get outside, get sweaty, and get started with this workout (step-by-step description in the article) to have you seeing and feeling the best results you’re oh-so capable of.

Thanks to the ladies of Ax Art Makeup for not only being committed clients, but also smiling their way through being ‘volun-told’ they were a part of this feature. Images by Brooklyn D Photography.

Summer19 Spreads16.jpg
Mandy Gill