Your Guide to All Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

If you’ve lasted through November, December and January without getting sick, you’re very fortunate. Don’t get too excited yet, cold and flu season will still be around for the next couple of months. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about general health as you won’t be much use to yourself or others if your immune system isn’t in gear.

The following recommendations will hold their relevance due to the fact that they give us support through the cold Canadian winter. As I’m sure most of you will have experienced first hand, illness rates soar during this season. Everything from the common cold to the stomach flu can go around. What is most unusual, is that we still don’t know why we are more likely to get sick at this time of year! Experts have theorized that it could be because we spend more time indoors, and that this close proximity to one another allows viruses to spread readily. Others suggest that it is due to the cold weather suppressing the ability of our airways to produce chemicals crucial to immunity; or being an optimal environment for germs to thrive.

Regardless, the following supplement suggestions will help you stay healthy throughout the winter months. Whether it’s to help you avoid a cold or reduce a bugs impact on you so you can function normally; the following are cupboard essentials for chilly days:

  1. Natural Factors Vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency has been associated with lower respiratory tract infections. Research has demonstrated that supplementation with vitamin A helps reduce the severity of lower respiratory tract infections in infants (1). This could be to its beneficial effects on mucous membranes.

  2. Megafood Vegan Vitamin D. I’m hoping everyone knows to take their vitamin D by now. There are few dietary sources of this crucial nutrient and those that contain it holds very little. With the main source being sunlight, we are much more likely to become deficient in the winter months (particularly here in Vancouver). Deficiency is associated with increased mortality from respiratory conditions such as pneumonia (2), so keep those levels high!

  3. Salus Floradix. This is an excellent plant-based iron supplement. Iron, while required by pathogens, is also a critical component of cellular immunity (3). This supplement is an excellent way to keep your iron levels in check. However, do exercise caution as excess iron can be toxic to cells.

  4. AOR tapioca Vitamin C. This is an excellent vegan sourced vitamin C. A number of immune cells require vitamin C to function, and a deficiency can leave one susceptible to certain pathogens. Intake of this vitamin has been associated with a reduced duration of the common cold (4).

  5. AOR Advanced B complex. My favourite b complex. It contains large, therapeutic doses of the B vitamins which are essential for nearly every bodily process, from the energy release from food to producing hormones and new tissues. Sick or not, take this to give you a great burst of energy!

So there you have it! A list of completely natural supplements that will give you the support you need during the unforgiving winter months. They will give you peace of mind when the whole office is snuffling next week. Head over to to grab them for the cheapest prices in all of Canada!

Fiohann Shanahan-Dover
Nutritionist, Mandy Gill APP