I Like Her Style Magazine Feature: Gardening for a Plant Based Lifestyle!

If you had asked me years ago if Spring sparked excitement in getting vegetables planted and growing in the garden, I would have confidently stated that the grocery store is all I need. That’s until I gave up my high expectation to have a green thumb, and simply just started to plant! I’m so thrilled to share with you what I’ve learnt as an ultra marathon trail runner now consuming 60-70% of my diet during the Spring and Summer months from vegetables I grow in my community garden! 

Learn what veggies are best to start planting now, as well as the benefits gardening brings to calm your mind, have you breathing deeper, experiencing cell-phone free time, surrendering to the present, and realizing the true simplicity of life! 

On Stands Now! (and viewable online here)!

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Mandy Gill