My Biggest Athletic Achievement: 55km Trail Race

IMG_0093 2.jpeg

My biggest athletic achievement to date: 55km trail racing a near 10,000ft up through the mountains of Whistler crossing the finish line at 9 hours and 58 minutes. Smiling ear to ear, happy tears flowing, staying fully present loving my body and mind every step of the way - because THIS is what I LOVE! Where I feel most alive, at peace, and capable of anything, and everything.


To my caring, compassion, thoughtful-beyond-words boyfriend Jim, who had memory foam pads out for me to sit on while he changed my soaking, full of dirt socks and shoes in seconds while running through aid stations, ensured nearly every dinner heading into race week was nutritiously prepared, and unconditionally supports me on a day-to-day training basis even though he thinks it’s a bit nutty!


To my family, best friends, training partners, staff, sponsors, Coast Mountain Trail Series, Gary Robbins, and every race volunteer, your heartfelt support is what drives me to strive in all areas of life, thank you for being a part of this journey and believing in me. Prior to crossing this milestone of a finish line, I said to myself 10+ times ‘I’ve never felt so ready for my next race, 85km in 6 weeks’.

Grateful, would be an understatement for what joy I felt this past weekend, and for what lies ahead!

Mandy Gill