Ener-C Featuring Mandy Gill


Happiness is the joy you feel moving towards your potential - yes, even when training for an 85km trail race. We are thirsty by nature, we all seek more energy and vitality, and after months of meeting with the dedicated team behind Ener-C to ensure our visions of health and wellness aligned, we’re thrilled to bring you the best interactive insight to have you reaching your goals.

Packed with a punch Ener-C’s multivitamin drink mix has 25 vitamins and minerals. Including Vitamin C to aid in the growth and repair of tissues and have you feeling ready to tackle any workout. I’s no surprise I’m very specific in what I choose to support my big goals with. Knowing Ener-C’s has no artificial flavours or colours, is certified nonGMO, gluten-free, and vegan friendly, makes it my first choice for hydration.
New to their line-up is Ener-C Sport. It replenishes essential minerals lost through sweat, helping maintain muscle function and energy metabolism. It has less than 1g of sugar, is caffeine-free, contains no artificial flavours or colours, and is NSF certified nonGMO!

Here's to being better, and living better. Coming July 1st we’d love you to join us for an International Health Challenge full of health & wellness tips to have you feeling your best. Sign up link coming soon!