2019 Reebok Canada Ragnar Ultra Team!


Jumping with legs heavy as lead, hearts full of joy, and astonishment in our ability to run 311 kilometres over 28 non-stop hours across Ontario (shattering our expected completion time). Reebok, thank you for the adventure of a lifetime! As captain of the 2019 Reebok Canada Ultra Ragnar Relay Team, it was an honour to share challenges and celebrations with five equally committed teammates. Experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

As a plant-based athlete, determined the share the message that high endurance athletics is easily supported by a vegan lifestyle, yet again I am so thrilled to report my body operated exceptionally consistent throughout the entire 28 hours of racing, and required little to no recovery time! Regardless what distance the race entrails, nutrition is key. Here are my plant based grab-n-go options I packed along for the adventure.


Have questions about what it takes to train for Ultra Marathon distances? Comment below!

Health is Happiness!

Mandy Gill