Plant Based Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and many of us have a common thing on the mind… FOOD!


Before we sit down to eat, I always take time to reflect on the gratitude, love, and support felt by everyone around me. As we move into the colder months of Fall and Winter, it’s important to remember how much we all need each other. Whether it’s giving a smile to a stranger or offering a helping hand - one action can make a difference. Expressing this compassion is also important to the animals, to whom we share this planet with.

Of course this holiday is full of happy days, but it’s also a time to recognize where we are at with our planet, and how we can be mindful. This time of year sparks an unjust truth of the number of animals killed for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkeys, pigs, cows, lambs, chickens - these animals are kind, sensitive, and sadly most are destined for a holiday meal. In Canada over 20 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving Dinners each year, and in the US over 46 million. Many of these beautiful, and curious animals are bred and raised specifically for Thanksgiving.

So, I challenge you this year, to create new traditions and pursue plant based alternatives! Just one change will not only will it save the lives of our beautiful Canadian animals, it will also benefit our environment.

Here are some ideas for plant-based alternatives:

Mashed Potatoes

Everyone loves a good mash with Thanksgiving dinner. How to make mash vegan? EASY! Just add vegan butter. With just one ingredient you can make your mash delicious, full of flavour, and plant based. Check out this mash recipe by Minimalist Baker!

Brussel Sprouts

I know there are sprout lovers and sprout haters… For all of the lovers, this is for you! Brussel sprouts can be done in so many ways, and most are plant-based. Here’s a great recipe by one of my favourite food bloggers, Oh She Glows, demonstrating and easy way to prep the sprouts and 7 options for plant based flavouring.


To me, stuffing is the famous Thanksgiving food. I don’t make stuffing any other time of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are many different ways to make stuffing, and for many it’s a family recipe. An easy way to make your stuffing plant based is by using Vegan Butter, and a Flax Egg in your recipe. Another one of my favourite food bloggers, Minimalist Baker, shares this great plant based Stuffing recipe.

Turkey Substitute

With the plant based movement growing, more and more companies are offering delicious meatless alternatives. Soy based, corn based, you name it! There is an alternative suitable for every dietary need, and taste bud. Here are is a list of turkey alternatives for your Thanksgiving dinner!


Balance your Thanksgiving dinner with a delicious green salad! There are infinite options for plant based salads, the sky is the limit on this one! I really love incorporating seasonal vegetables into my daily meals, so I wanted to share this hearty, plant based salad recipe.

Pumpkin Pie

I must admit, baking is not my area of expertise. So this is when I turn to the amazing, plant based bakeries we have in the city and go for my favourite! Also being gluten free, my favourite go-to for vegan/gluten free Pumpkin Pie is from Gluten Free Epicurean. Their pie is DELICIOUS, and always the most liked by ALL at every Thanksgiving dinner.

*Pumpkin Tip: don’t throw your pumpkin away! Did you know that pumpkins are fantastic to feed/donate to pig farms as food?*


What are your favourite plant based recipes for this Thanksgiving holiday? Head over to our Instagram, and share in the comments!

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Mandy Gill