CTV Morning Live - Getting to the Heart of Core Training!


The second week back to school for kids is when the fitness industry sees the biggest influx of parents realizing it’s time to get back to their own priorities of health; yes, even more so than New Years!

With a majority of people getting back to jobs where sitting is part of their daily routine, it’s important to highlight the fact that core muscles are key to focus on in every workout. What does working on your core result in? Sculpted abs, a stronger back, a natural bum lift, and increased stabilization for everyday activities. This takes more than a few crunches, let’s dive in!

Workout Focus: Controlled, smooth movements with an endlessly versatile Canadian product, The Yoak.

  • 10 Reps: Overhead Press (Advanced: Overhead Press with Squat)

  • 10 Reps: Walking Lunge (Advanced: Walking Lunges with Overhead Press)

  • 10 Reps: Squat

  • 10 Reps: Bench Press (on a Bosu Ball)

    (Repeat 4-6 rounds depending on skill level)

Want to learn more about The Yoak?

'"We've seen the Yoak challenge and benefit just about everyone from Everyday Use, to competitors in Crossfit, Climbing, Obstacle Courses, and Strongman.

We've got you covered if you're a Personal Trainer, or a Team Trainer, working with clients At Home, or in a Commercial Gym.

The Yoak is also making waves in health and rehabilitation circles by helping and healing the patients of Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors all over the world.”

Thanks to Jae of Fantasfit for joining me on CTV Morning Live.

Mandy Gill