CTV Morning Live - Summer Sculpted Abs!

This ab workout is fully focused on sculpting & toning the entire midsection. There are four major muscles making up the abdominal region. This routine, designed in the Mandy Gill APP, targets all four muscles while letting you soak up sunshine at the beach! Need I say more?  

● Russian Twists with Sandbag
● Sandbag Crunch
● Oblique Standing Crunches with Sandbag
● Hop Over Sandbag
● Plank Press on Sandbag

On a running clock perform each movement for 1 minute, then switch to the next. Perform 3-5 rounds depending on skill level.

Next month at the World Fitness Expo I will be hosting a workout very similar to this which you can follow along with online.

Remember: When these exercises are paired with a healthy diet to shed excess inflammation around the core you will be feeling your best in no time!

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Mandy Gill