YWCA Connecting the Community Awards

Having her own confidence shattered and pieced back together in her youth, recovered anorexic Mandy Gill founder of MGM Fitness Corporation, works one-on-one with children as young as six years old to help build their self-esteem and body awareness through a fun fitness approach. Mandy witnesses daily what a positive impact increased conversations about Healthy Choices For Youth plays in everyone's future, and the strength of our community. 

The nominee with the most votes will receive the Connecting the Community Award. The recipient will be announced at the Awards event on June 7th and Scotiabank will donate $10,000 to the YWCA program area that she chose in her honour. I've chosen "Healthy Living for Youth".

A little bit about Healthy Choices for Youth:
Welcome to My Life and Boys 4 Real are after-school programs for Grade 7 girls and boys that provide support, skills and role models to help face the challenge of transitioning from elementary to high school. The programs aim to build healthier and more confident young people, encourage mutual respect between boys and girls as equals and encourage them to work together to assume responsibility for social and community issues. 

Thank you so much to Scotiabank for making this possible!

Health is Happiness!
Mandy Gill

Mandy Gill