Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine with Mandy Gill

Keri Adams, Mandy Gill and Fiohann Shanahan-Dover

Keri Adams, Mandy Gill and Fiohann Shanahan-Dover

Spring clean your fitness routine...literally! Spring cleaning around the house can incorporate many moves to have you feeling fit heading into warmer weather. With Easter this past weekend, it doesn’t hurt to burn off a few extra chocolate and wine indulgences too! Watch the full CTV Morning Live Segment below.

No equipment needed besides what your home offers - a chair and broom!

Bulgarian Split Squats (on a kitchen chair): 10 Left Leg/10 Right Leg
The humble squat has been a fitness favourite, and it’s time to spice it up a bit! The Bulgarian Split Squat is a great test of balance, improving core strength, a strong leg workout that targets your quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes.

Overhead Squat (with a broom): 10 Reps
Another full body movement that improves your mobility with every rep. Grip the broom overhead (approx 6-8″ from the top of your head) Push your shoulders and the broom up as high as you can (“active shoulders”). The broom should be perfectly aligned with your heels. While you squat maintain a tight core through the entire movement

TIPS: Stick your butt out, press into the bar, and keep your chest, neck and head up, while bending over.

Decline Pushups (on a kitchen chair): 10 Reps
With your feet on the chair slowly walk your hands out into a push-up stance. Perform 10 pushups. If a modification is required come down to your knees on the chair. Elevated Mountain Climbers (on a kitchen chair): 30 Reps

CARDIO! Make sure the chair is pressed up against a wall so there’s no likelihood it can move. Place your hands on the chair where the seat is, and bring those knees into chest one at a time. Speed will depend on your level of fitness. HAVE FUN!

One more tip...Clean out your pantry!

Health is Happiness!
Mandy Gill