Diez Vista 50K - Limits Are An Illusion

Thank you to the amazing photographers out at the race,  Scott Robarts  and  Brian McCurdy !

Thank you to the amazing photographers out at the race, Scott Robarts and Brian McCurdy!

This past weekend I put my body through the hardest endurance experience of my life, my mind was up for the challenge. I participated in the 50k Diez Vista trail race. It was founded in 1997 by local trail runners to showcase the trails and terrain around Port Moody, Diez Vista is one of the most historic ultras in Canada. Over its 21-year history, Diez Vista race has developed an incredibly loyal following and has attracted some of the biggest names in ultra running.

How I Packed:


Huge shoutout to my Sponsors, Reebok, Vitasave and Herbaland Gummies for fuelling me along the way!

The Day of The Race:

Celebrating as a 50KM ULTRA MARATHON TRAIL RACE FINISHER! 6000+FT elevation. Completion time 9:44:39. Life Lesson: Limits are an Illusion.

The highest peak of the race - the top of Diez Vista - only 9km in, I fell. I heard three cracks from my ankle, a flash of light streamed across my eyes and then a sudden feeling of 'I'm done, this is it'. Two women from Victoria stayed with me while I laid on the root covered trail grasping my ankle. 'This was it' I kept telling myself. Ten of the longest minutes passed, and then luckily another runner turned the corner who was a member of Coquitlam Search and Rescue. He assured me a helicopter could be sent in, then followed that up by looking to the sky and realizing the low cloud cover mixed with being at the highest peak of the mountain meant I would need to be repelled out. In that moment I took a deep breath, reached out for his hand and shockingly stood up. My snail pace walk soon turned into a cautious walk, then into a regular pace walk, then to a slow jog (and I mean slow). I wasn't giving up. I started to smile, I was hopeful. I knew the 37km aid station had a cut off time of 3pm. Knowing I needed to get there before this resulted in anxiety (and motivation) like I've never felt in my entire life. I had to make it, this meant I could finish the rest of the race. At 2:49pm I ran into the aid station in tears, hugging all the volunteers, sipping warm squash soup they'd made, and eating bananas by the handfuls.

My phone was dead, my watch was dead, there was no music or podcast the entire 50km to calm my thoughts, but never did it cross my mind that I WASN'T GOING TO FINISH! At 9:44:39 I crossed the finish line. The happiest tears streaming down my face, and likely the largest smile I've ever smiled. The CSAR member who offered me his hand at 9km ran beside me the next 41km of the race to ensure I finished (there's one very large donation coming)!

To every Diez Vista volunteer, Gary Robbins, family member, best friend, sponsor, employee, client, community member, and my supportive nutritionist Fiohann for seeing me through this as a #plantbased athlete - THANK YOU! This weeks goal: Walk Chance around the block.


After spraining my ankle, I knew a few things that would help aid in my recovery. Rest, Elevate my leg and ice. I was also able to visit Lonsdale Wellness Studio to have my ankle taped up. Have you ever heard of drawing the A,B,Cs with your toes? Thanks to Londsdale Wellness for getting me in quickly to address recovery. We discussed mobility (hence the A,B,Cs...try it!), how long to ice and how long not to, elevation, duration of rest, taping, pretty pink compression socks, and more! Not to mention they have an adorable, friendly dog waiting to greet you the moment you arrive. A big thanks to this team for being a part of my speedy return to health!

Thank you to the amazing photographers out at the race,  Scott Robarts  and  Brian McCurdy !

Thank you to the amazing photographers out at the race, Scott Robarts and Brian McCurdy!