From Portland to Big Sur - West Coast Tour Cont.


I've always been a morning person, especially when I'm away from home. I love knowing that I'll be getting outside for a run, rain or shine. I woke up in Portland, Oregon and hit the trails of Forest Park for a run with my Mandy Gill APP community. While in Portland I had a chance to visit one of my favourite plant-based restaurant south of the border "Pixie Retreat". The owners Willow and Theresa were working at the time so we chatted about everything plant-based. They were super welcoming and had a wealth of knowledge. I could have spent another hour picking their brain about healthy eating but alas we were back on the road. 

After crossing the state line from Oregon to California we stayed at a cute/quaint cabin in the Redwood forest. My motto is "No reception, no problem." I loved this aspect of being in the forest! Before getting into the car for another day of driving, I went on a morning run in Eureka. My run took me into the Redwoods forest where there were 373 ft trees, and 50 ft around!

The sun was setting as we drove over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. Waking up in San FRAN on day 4 was amazing, I traded a run in the forest for an Urban Hike up the steepest roads in creation 'aka Twin Peaks'. My Calgary girl attitude couldn't help but think "It's a good thing this town doesn't get snow". After stopping at Whole Foods for a snack, I went to the HIGHLY recommend Urban Remedy for plant-based eating. Shoutout to Marco, he was super helpful. During the road trip, I was always conscious to check my nutrition on the Mandy Gill APP. That's why I created this APP, to help remove excuses as to why you can't stay on track and focused while you're away from home. You have your phone with you anyways and always, now you can hold yourself accountable to your health and wellness. 

Mandy Gill