Mandy Gill APP - West Coast Tour - Day 1

Supplements from  &  Herbaland  

Supplements from & Herbaland 

Packing for a road trip along the West Coast involves a lot of preparation. There will be rain, there will be wind and even a little further down the coast there will be sunshine. Packing clothes is important but packing supplements is even more important, especially when you're a plant-based athlete that's always in training. Jokes aside, half of my packing was food and supplements!

Day 1, we made it to Portland. This road trip isn't about covering as much distance as possible in a day, it's about enjoying the journey and connecting with as mandy Mandy Gill APP clients as possible. 

We stopped at a delicious Vegan restaurant in Tacoma called Viva. Everything on the menu looked amazing. The company was founded on the “Pay-It-Forward” principle. They use only fresh, whole, organic, gluten free, non dairy products in the menu (both raw and cooked items), with no animal products, processed sugars, refined or canned foods.  Raw or “living food” choices have the benefit of sprouted nuts and seeds, dramatically enhancing their already superior nutritional value.  If you're in the Tacoma area, driving through, or looking for a destination Vegan restaurant, Viva is your place!