Breaking a Habit: My Journey to Quitting Coffee


The truth about transformations - they get worse before they get better.  There are no areas in life where I feel as if something 'owns me', except one, and that until 21 days ago was coffee. Being in a highly stimulated environment often had me reaching for coffee in moments where I noticed I didn't even want one, yet it became a habit. One where I was ready to see how my brain functioned and reasoned through challenges in it's natural state. 


Week 1:


This is coming from someone who drank max 2 cups of coffee a day. The brain fog, the headaches, the consistent need for rest, the only thought running through my mind 'why am I doing this?'. Yet like anything in life, when it comes to something you know you are capable of and want to pursue so badly, it's worth every ounce of effort to hold yourself accountable. Cue moments of a few tears.


Week 2:


I wish I could say much better. But I wasn't fully there. Yet. Even as an advocate of getting 7–8 hours of sleep per night I still found myself needing to catch up on rest. Likely due to summertime late night country concerts with a coffee in hand (guilty). My body was not only asking for more sleep, but hydration too. In general my water intake has always been higher than average on a day-to-day basis, however now it was even greater. I honoured the feeling, and began to see even better performance in my workouts. 


Week 3: 


I remember calling my family and saying 'I AM DOING THIS'. Hope was now becoming reality. I knew that if it had taken my body nearly two weeks to transition from something I never figured would be so difficult to release from, that I was right to listen and honour this process.

In working with clients internationally on a daily basis I challenge them to create new habits to live the best version of themselves, and for me it was time to do the same. A phrase I stand by is 'never say never', and while I am on the path of more mental clarity for myself, I will never restrict myself from something long term if my body is taking for it. However, in this moment it sure feels nice to walk past a local coffee shop, enjoy the smell, and continue walking by. After all, life is all about a matter of choices.