Life is Written; Your Life Is What You Write


When you think to yourself you want to accomplish a new goal - how do you begin to achieve it? If you decide you want to quit your job, hop into a new relationship, or start waking up early? These new milestones sound scary, but in all truth they are just as accessible to you as to anyone else. When we see others in magazines, on social media, or in our friend group and think to ourselves, "I wish my life was like that" we need to pause and realize: we can have a life like that.

This realization gives you all the freedom in the world and the justification to not sit around waiting for the best to come but to push your way and earn it. Learn about what motivated me to live my best life at: 1Penelope - Life is Written by Penelope Jean Hayes.

Penelope Jean Hayes is a writer, on-camera television contributor, public speaker and analyst on pressures in our society including from media, peers and popular culture. She is the author of the upcoming book titled, "The Magic Of Viral Energy (M.O.V.E.): Your Guide To Supernatural Happiness." It's a narrative non-fiction book in the Self-Help genre about the contagious nature of energy, and how this phenomenon has worked magic in her life and the lives of many—a topic that she has researched and documented since 2002.

She has appeared on numerous news, entertainment and talk programs including Dr. Phil and ABC News sharing stories and tips for living in purpose and joy. Writer, Penelope Jean Hayes is signed with famed literary agent, Bill Gladstone of Waterside Productions Inc., whom also represents best selling authors Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch. Check out her advice column and book tease at