Rome Wasn't Built In A Day


There is nothing in the world that compares to flying somewhere new and enriching your life with new explorations of culture, energy, and picturesque memories.

One of my favourite parts about Italy was how progressive it was in the supermarkets and restaurants for accepting restricted diets and embracing healthy foods. As a plant-based traveler, I was shocked about how easy it was to find all sorts of organic and natural snacks. I took a bite of a tomato and I swear, I could eat them like apples. The burst of flavour was a complete delight.

Mandy at coliseum

I learned from observing locals that the way they approach their day to day is very different from home. I find that their culture is much more patient. Venturing to their local café wasn't an in and out experience. It was a: have a seat, sip your drink, and engage in every inch of relaxing energy you have. Locals would look at you oddly if you were to take something to-go instead (which says a lot about how different we are in Canada).

Patience isn't only important to revel in your experiences but it's also significant when you are taking your steps to changing your lifestyle. People come to me all of the time with their fitness and nutrition guilt and while standing here looking at the coliseum, all I have to say is: Rome wasn't built in a day.

Things that matter take time and your disappointment may feel overwhelming at the time; but that rush of emotion only means that you care. You have to listen to your body and if you took a step back one day then approach the next taking two steps forward. You are in control of how you fuel and exercise your body. Just take a deep breath, push yourself accordingly, and change will come.