Huffington Post: Articles Written by Mandy Gill


I was reminded of a set of blog posts that I guest-wrote at The Huffington Post. To my surprise, the content still holds up over time and is still motivating today as it was back then.


How to Prevent Sabotaging Your Own Fitness Goals

This one features my own personal beliefs and an interview with hypnotherapist and mind coach: Rosa Livingstone.

It’s when the fear of making a mistake, screwing up, or getting it wrong, overtakes your ability to take assertive, inspired action. Truth be told, when we’re in doubt or afraid and aren’t sure what to do, we often end up do nothing at all
— Rosa Livingstone

Before I became plant-based, I experiemented with the paleo diet. For most others, this can come as a challenge as their body is not completely used to it and switching cold turkey can be really hard to do.  This is a great resource for showing you where to begin. Including the best tips and tricks I came up with that really helped ease me into it.

The Paleo Diet is about making smart choices to eat whole foods and minimize refined sugars, vegetable oils and salt. But for many good-intentioned people, challenges arise as they look to make adjustments to their diet.
— Mandy Gill
Ashley Robertson