Workout Video: Munich, Germany

I can't wait to blog more about my experience in Munich, Germany! In fact, I am still unsure how to put into words how spectacular it is. From city-wide bike tours, friendly plant-based restaurant visits, hiking up 860+ year old church stairwells...the list goes on; and I'll be sure to tell you all about it! This morning was my last in Munich, Germany before heading to Zurich, Switzerland on a five hour train ride. Knowing that I was going to be sitting for a majority of the morning, there was no better time than rising at 5am with the sunrise for a workout. If you find yourself in a hotel room, airbnb, or anywhere in fact, this workout only requires a mat (or towel) and a resistance band! Get some tunes on, and start moving! 


Workout Routine (video)

Butt Burners (20)

Oblique Twists (20 Each Side)

Over-headed Banded Lunges (20)

Banded Jump Squats (20)

* Do the workout 3-7 rounds depending on fitness level

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Mandy Gill