Secrets to Beating Jet Lag & Arriving Rested

The best way TO beat jet lag

The countdown has officially began, for MGM's 5-year-anniversary I am treating myself to an adventure half way across the world - Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and the U.K.! Now's the time to prepare to arrive rested despite a long flight and time change. The first step to beating jet lag is to adjust your eating schedule to the new time zone 24–48 hours ahead of leaving (did I just get permission to eat at midnight?)! A quick trip to visit Bellevue Natural Health, as well as, and I'm (jet) SET!

To help your body adjust faster (Bellevue Natural Health):

Take B12 in the "new" morning & melatonin at the "new" night time.

B12 will give you a burst of energy at the start of your day, while the melatonin will help to make you tired and ready for sleep! Within a few days, you will be adjusted!


Using an eye mask. I chose this lovely lavender eye pillow to get that extra kick of sleepiness from the scent.

And don't forget Vegan protein bars as a snack
- 16g Protein, 17g fibre, ONLY 4g sugar!! 

Mandy Gill