Reebok Ragnar Relay (Experience & Recap Videos)


I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I had of joining unknown team members (now fellow friends) to take on Canada’s first ever Reebok’s Ragnar Relay. Immediately we teamed together to chase the days all the way from sunrise to sunset...and then through the night! From deadlifting 370lbs to running 304kms, I learned to fuel as a plant-based athlete & witness my body’s exceptional ability to recover. My mindset was strong and optimistic with all of the support and positivity that surrounded me by family, friends, sponsors, and the MGM Fitness Community!

Now Watch

'Focus on the task, not the outcome'.

This watch was a consistent reminder throughout this course that the joy is in the journey. Without having to focus on how many kilometres are left, or how far I had gone – I got to simply be in the moment.

With so many memories to cherish, there are some major highlights that really stuck with me.  Being in a vehicle with 5 Reebok employees and learning more than I could have ever imaged about their products and when to best use them (thanks Don & my Reebok Floatride runners)! I set a new record of ingesting 300 bugs into 3 minutes of running. Lake Ontario's white sandy beaches are breathtaking. Getting to know my team members and what inspires them to follow a challenge such as this one through to the end.

Half way across Canada & MGM Fitness fans are introducing themselves on the sidelines as we hit 269/304km to Niagara Falls.

MGM Fitness Fan

Surrender to the unknown. 36hrs running 304km in Reebok's first ever Canadian Ragnar Relay confirmed that if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together! To my Reebok Family: your continued support allows me to live out my passion of living fitness through adventure, seeing the world, & discovering more about myself. The opportunities are endless.