Fitspo vs. Thinspo

Recently a 20 year-old client admitted that since beginning to train with #MGMFitness she is no longer inspired to look up 'thinspo' posts, but instead has changed to 'fitspo' posts. After arriving home to do some research on what this meant exactly, my heart was reminded this is my WHY - why I am driven to live and share the message of healthy living. Search 'Thinspo' in Google and top quotes include 'don't ever stop trying, one day you will be thin', 'keep calm, the hunger will pass', and the one that hit me hardest 'do you want hip bones or food?'. Overcoming anorexia in my late teens lead to the creation of MGM Fitness. Following this clients comment, my commitment to motivate, educate, and transform the 'why's' for young women (and men) through fitness & healthy choices is stronger than even 💥👟 #beyourself#bethechange