The Top 9 Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium.


Moo've over dairy, there are other ways we can get our calcium. Here's the top 9 foods that are rich in Calcium.

Collard Greens
Enriched rice, almond, hemp and coconut milks
Sesame seeds

The most important thing to note is that cows and goats don't produce calcium. They eat a lot of greens and then the calcium that is found in their milk is absorbed by those drinking it. You're able to cut out the middle man by not drinking the milk and getting your calcium directly from the food that it is found in. Calcium absorption from milk and other dairy products is about 32%, whereas calcium absorption from broccoli is 60%. 

Why Calcium?
Calcium is the most common mineral found in the body and is required for the formation of bones and for bodily functions like muscle contractions and blood clotting. Almost all the calcium in our bodies is stored in the bones and teeth. So it's obviously very important to make sure you have enough in your diet. 

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Mandy Gill

Mandy Gill