Grocery Tours: Meet Jonny and Jason

Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Walking into the grocery store can be very intimidating when you're trying to make healthy decisions. First rule, NEVER go grocery shopping when you're hungry because those "quick fixes" all of a sudden look like a good idea. 

I am happy to offer one on one personal grocery shopping with my nutrition clients as a way of educating and making sure you make the most informed decisions while on your own in the very intimidating grocery store. Healthy choices don't have to be complicated, often they're right in front of you - all it takes is awareness!

Meet Jonny and Jason,  with Jonny's role as a Top 40 Morning Show Host at Virgin Radio, and Jason's passion for working with kids at the Vancouver Children's Hospital, they both require optimal nutrients to reach their goals, and be accommodating to their lifestyles! We selected some healthy quick options like the pre-made zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) and soups. These are guys on the go so convenience is key in addition to nutritious. 

The main take away from todays tour was the importance of reading the labels when you're shopping. If you're trying to avoid dairy, you'll notice butter sneaking into a lot of "already made" food, also powdered milk. Dairy causes a lot of inflammation in the body and if you're experiencing any body aches or muscle stiffness, this is something you'll want to remove from you diet as fast as possible. Being aware of what you're consuming is more than half the battle.

Mandy Gill