Birthday Choices: Healthy Travel in YYC

I'm an Alberta born and raised girl. Meat was a staple in my house growing up. My dad always had the BBQ fired up to make a delicious steak dinner. So naturally, for my birthday weekend, I took my entire family out of their comfort zone and we went for a Vegan / Plantbased birthday celebration. 

I am beyond impressed with the Vegan restaurants in Calgary, it's great to see the changes and advancements to the menus. I was able to visit a few different restaurants while I was in Calgary over my birthday weekend. 

Here's my thoughts on the restaurants I tried. 

The Oak Tree Tavern had the BEST veggie burger ever, even my meat eating family was left wanting more. The Coup had by far the best atmosphere and ambiance for a relaxing social evening. You HAVE to see the menu at Dairy Lane Cafe, there's a lot of Vegan options, like the Crispy Tofu Baguette. 

My go to "fast food" choice is Jusu Bar, I call it "fast food" because it's fast and still food, unlike other "fast food" options out there! Life is a matter of choices. 

There's a few more places I want to visit when I come to Calgary next time, I've heard great things about:

Heart Choices Cafe Market

The Collective Raw

Veg In YYC

Is there a Vegan / Vegetarian restaurant in Calgary that I missed? What inspires you to eat healthy while traveling? 

Health is Happiness!

Mandy Gill

Mandy Gill