Stress Busting Exercises for the Holiday Season


Holiday Fitness Routine – CTV Morning Live

Christmas is, for many, a time of excessive eating and drinking...and exercise can be easily overlooked. Drop the holiday sweets, even just for a minute, and get moving with this MGM Fitness calorie burning strength and cardio routine. It’s sure to get your endorphins up, and have you enjoying more of what the holidays have to offer - great company, and memories in the making.

The best part? This MGM Fitness workout has been designed so that no equipment is needed, which means you can do it anywhere! After opening gifts, before cooking a turkey dinner, even a holiday travel hotel room. 3, 2, 1, GO!


Fitmas Workout:

  • 25 Tinsel Crunches (bicycle crunches)

  • 25 Chimney Climbers (mountain climbers)

  • 25 Snow Angels (plank jacks)

  • 10 Jingle Bell Jumps (burpees)

  • 30 second holds Christmas Tree (side plank)

Complete 3-5 rounds based on fitness level