‘Fit & Fab Spring Break Abs’ Segment on CTV Morning Live

Click HERE to check out all the excitement from the ‘Fit & Fab Spring Break Abs’ fitness segment on CTV Morning Live!

The idea of this routine is that anyone can do it, anywhere, anytime, and most importantly have fun while getting results!!!! 7 minutes is the magic number, and realistically we all have 7 minutes to spare in a day…right? (I sure hope so)!

To make it even easier, I have a video of the routine you can follow along with here. If you want more information on the order of exercises and descriptions of what we do in the video, check out this blog! The first 5 minutes consists of 30 seconds of 10 different ab exercises, followed by a 2-minute plank! All you need is a stopwatch.

Lots of love going out to the fabulous CTV Morning Live crew who made me feel right ‘at home’ – Aamer, Norma, Marke, & Ann. And I can’t forget about my ab demo girls from Crossfit North Vancouver & Hybrid – Roe, Lindsey, Sharon & Ruthie, you rocked it!!! Last but not least, a huge thanks to Lululemon for sponsoring my super cute spring outfit on a rainy day!

HAVE FUN….3, 2, 1 GO!