CTV Morning Live – Does Lifting Weights Really Make Women ‘Bulky’?


You’ve heard the stigma all around women lifting weights and supposedly ‘getting bulky’. Well, you might be pleasantly surprised what lifting does to your metabolic rate and much more when we dive into it on CTV Morning Live this Monday, March 4th at 8am! Don’t miss the demos of movements that will have you feeling stronger, and looking leaner at any age! I might even pull out a few of my ‘before’ pictures to share…

Can’t wait! See you Monday at 8am!

PS – Check out a few behind the scenes pics from the ‘Fit  & Fab Spring Break Abs Segment’ ! A huge thanks to my girls Lindsey (Machine), Sharon (Mama T), Roe (Cheetah), and Ruthie for being a part of it!