Watch Today’s CTV Morning Live Segment About Women & Weights!

There’s no such thing as a ‘bad Monday’ when you start the week off with the fabulous crew of CTV Morning Live | BC! I can’t begin to explain how good it felt to be back with Aamer, Norma, Ann & Marke talking about ‘Women & Strength’!!! As I was leaving after the segment today a woman said to me ‘toned is the new sexy’ – and she couldn’t be more right!!!! If you missed the segment, not to worry, you can watch us having WAYYY too much fun for our own good HERE! And to the ladies who demonstrated some awesome squats, dead lifts, and presses – Alex, Phyllis, & Christine – you were incredible!

If you want more information about today’s topic and how to get started, just keep reading :)

‘Does lifting weights really make women bulky?’

  • There will always be a genetic factor as to how a woman’s body is going to adapt
  • Functional strength vs the type body builders use to make their muscles big is VERY different
  • After a lifting workout (when done properly with a coach or trainer) increases your metabolic rate for a MUCH LONGER period of time than going for a 45 minute run, cardio class, etc. Therefore you’re burning more calories, and going to see increased leanness.
  • There has been countless studies done that show how important it is to establish functional strength especially as women (and men) age. Strength has one of the largest correlations to not ending up in a nursing home, getting bone deficiencies, etc. When I say functional strength think a squat – we all have to sit down to go to the toilet!
  • Just because I said I do Crossfit doesn’t mean it has to be that, it can be ANY kind of strength routine – let’s focus on the 3 most important functional movements:
  • Squat – click HERE for a step-by-step guide you can follow along with to get the perfect squat before you start incorporating it into a workout. From there you can add weight gradually, and start exploring with the front squat, back squat, and overhead squat with kettle bells, or a barbell. Are you someone with bad knees? Believe it or not, when done PROPERLY the squat is very rehabilitative to people with cranky, damaged, or delicate knees!
  • Dead Lift – is no more than picking something off the ground, ie groceries! This movement works the muscles on the back of our body! Click HERE for a step-by-step guide of how to get the perfect dead lift! Make sure to start slowly with adding weights!
  • Press – good athletic movement begins at the core and radiates to the extremities, that’s what this lift is all about! Click HERE to learn all about your stance, set-up, etc!

Want more information? The book ‘Starting Strength’ by Mark Rippetoe is a great read!