Think Staying Fit Means Staying In To Enjoy Meals? Think AGAIN!

Today on CTV Morning Live I was fortunate enough to have head chef Ned Bell of Yew Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver join me! We teamed up in hopes to putting an end to a myth we hear so often in both the fitness and restaurant industry – ‘if I’m going to start a diet (I hate that word…it’s a ‘lifestyle’), then I can’t do anything fun anymore like going to dinner parties, etc’…OR ‘I cheated at (whatever) restaurant a few nights ago, and I can’t get back on track…so being healthy just isn’t for me’. This ISN’T the truth! It’s a sneaky way to try and convince yourself that it’s okay to cheat, and not give your body the very best that it deserves! Because reality is, there are SO many options out there at restaurants to stay on track! I know this, because I am a product of it!



First things first, I ate at Yew last week – and I was even pleasantly reminded that ‘clean’ healthy food can taste THAT GOOD! But I had to put it to the test! I ate the Seafood Platter for two ALL to myself, a few more appetizers, and a 14oz steak (all gluten and dairy free). Yes, it was DELICIOUS, but the real test was to see how I performed the next morning at the gym! Would I get the ‘food hangover’ feeling? Would I be sluggish? Would my clothes (spandex) feel tighter? (gosh I hope not)! The truth is, my coach had a workout planned that morning which was without a doubt one of the hardest ones I’d tackled all year….and I ROCKED IT!!!!!! There’s no doubt the food I ate the night before working out was imperative to the fuel I needed to burn! And I owe Yew a thank ‘yew’ for that incredible performance of strength and endurance!

So how did I go about ordering? Well here are a few tips!

1. Avoid the bread that gets dropped at the table

2. Try to get a meal with protein and lots of colorful veggies – sub extra vegetables or salad for fries or white rice! For the segment Ned featured fish for protein, yams, and kale, this is the perfect type of dish to order!

3. Request for whatever you order to be gluten and dairy free!

4. Still want to have a drink and enjoy yourself? DO IT! My favorites are ordering red wine, vodka water, or asking for a drink without all the sugary syrups! My ‘go to’ is a mojito without the sugared rim, and a fresh squeezed lime instead of lime juice ….YUM!!! Perfect for summer!


Now onto the next fun portion of the segment!…my parents are not going to be happy about this photo 


‘We All Cook, Right? Spice Up Your Time In The Kitchen With Exercises While Making Meals!’ Many times, life and our busy schedules get in the way of our exercise routines. But even if you don’t have time for the gym or a dedicated half-hour workout, there are lots of ways to squeeze in exercise while multitasking. Here’s the kitchen circuit I surprised Ned with during the show:


10 x Countertop push-ups

10 x Kitchen chair dips

10 x Kitchen chair inverted push-up

10 x Grocery bag curls (I put 2 equally sized watermelons in each grocery bag)

10 x Grocery bag shrugs

10 x Watermelon sit-ups (hold 1 or 2 of the watermelons against your chest depending on how heavy you want it to be)

10 x Watermelon walking lunges

10 x Countertop squats (hold in the bottom of the squat for 5 seconds to make it harder)

*Go through 3-5 rounds of this circuit, or until the oven goes off and suppers ready! 


There you have it! Some fun moves in the kitchen, and the truth that staying fit doesn’t mean not going out to enjoy delicious dinner parties with friends! Thanks again to Ned, and the entire crew at CTV Morning Live for another epic Monday!

(Sean & I after our mouth-watering dinner at Yew…thank goodness for stretchy dresses!)