Shake What Your Mama Gave You…With Your Mama! Happy Mother’s Day

(My Mom meeting CTV Morning Live’s DREAM TEAM! Watch how incredible she did on today’s Mom’s Day Fitness Segment! Can you tell I’m a proud daughter?)

With Mothers Day right around the corner, there was no doubt this next fitness segment on CTV Morning Live had to be designed to honor the 1 woman in all our lives who loves us unconditionally…OUR MOMS! Biological or not, a mother is the woman who raises you, who is there for you to hold and comfort you when you are sick or hurt, the woman who laughs with you, who cries with you, who loves you, even when you aren’t exactly lovable, for whatever reason (…perhaps teenage years? haha).

That is what I call a real Mom! And on that note, I can’t say how grateful I am to have MY MOM, Nancy, fly out from Calgary to join me for this segment, which holds a very special place in my heart!


(Mom and I celebrating her 50th in Hawaii August 2008)

As a child my Mom had me enrolled in every sport, and there’s no doubt she was at the sidelines every practice and game as my #1 fan! It was through my Mom that I discovered fitness. Growing up, and still to this day, my Mom runs at 4:30am weekday mornings with her 65 year old running partner in snow, hail, rain, sun…you name it!


 (Mom and her running partner Carol doing spin class)

Seeing my Mom living this lifestyle of health and happiness only inspired me to be more like her. When Mom ran races, I’d be at the finish line cheering her on. When Mom went to a step class at the gym, I’d be at the top of the staircase dreaming that one day I’d have the strength she has! As I started to grow a love for Crossfit, I also developed a #1 fan – my Mom! Over the last five years there are very few competitions she’s not flown out to cheer me on at. And the ones she couldn’t make, you better believe she was the last person I talked to before competing, and the first person I talked to after.


 (A big good luck hug from Mom before competing at the 2011 Crossfit Regionals)


 (Quick hug and kiss from Mom before competing at Crossfit Taranis in Victoria)

My Mom is now 55 years old, and helping to keep her fit is the least I can do after she committed to taking on the hardest job in the world – being a mother. The reality is a 50 year olds body isn’t the same as a 30 year olds body; the ability to lose excess weight and gain muscle decreases with age. For women, the reduction of estrogen after menopause also leads to a greater risk for osteoporosis. Exercise, strength training, and stretching are the least us kids can do to help our Mom’s stay active!

Unforchantly this past year my amazing Mom became very ill, to the point where she could no longer workout. I truly believe in my heart that since starting back with fitness, it has lead her on the path to recovery. Even though her ability to workout isn’t as it used to be, she continues to push forward. And as her daughter, I make sure we still get out to do fun things to keep her active.


 (Mom and I biking in New York at Central Park)

Today my Mom and I are here to help Moms, Sons, and Daughters of all shapes, sizes, and athletic ability, keep active TOGETHER! After all, women who workout with a partner are 45 percent more likely to exercise than those who sweat solo…so let’s shake what our Mama’s gave us!


DEMOS: Take a peek at the segment HERE to familiarize yourself with the techequie Mom and I had for each excersise


‘Medball Madness’ – medball burpees, medball lunge to chest pass, medball overhead pass and squat

*Repeat for 10-12 reps each, or until butterfingers tests your patience!


‘Five Alive’ – Start facing each other in push-up position. Lower chest to ground. Push back to start. Give partner a high five. Return to push-up position for one rep. Repeat, alternating hands.

*Do 10 reps – works shoulders, triceps, chest, back, abs


 (What Mom and I ‘like’ to think we look like while doing ‘Five Alive’)

‘Foot to Foot Bicycle Crunch’


Other ideas for getting outside with your Mom:

-Walking or Jogging

-Biking or Spin class



-Gardening, Hiking, Kayaking…the possibilities are endless!!!


Most importantly whatever you do, this is all about spending quality time together. Enjoy every moment, have fun, and make memories! I know my Mom and I sure did just by putting this together – we hope you had as many laughs with it as we did!!!!


 (Mom and I cheering on the Canucks in the Playoffs from Vegas)