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We’re only 2 sleeps away from SPRING, which means it’s time to lace up those runners!!!! This morning on CTV Morning Live we talked everything to do with hitting the pavement – check out the fun segment (including a piggyback ride from Aamer) HERE!

Interested in what we talked about? Just keep reading!

MOTIVATION is key in my opinion! Whether it’s the fact that Wednesday, March 20th is the first day of SPRING, or that day light savings has kicked in so you can run after work – whatever it may be, find something that works for you (check out 101 kick butt ideas HERE!) For me personally I love putting on my headphones and cranking up the tunes on my iPod! Another great reason to get your butt out the door running is that bathing suit season is just around the corner…you’re welcome for the reminder!

Vancouver seems to be a city full of 10K races – especially in the summer! If you’ve ever thought ‘well I can’t do that’, beleive me, YOU CAN! All it takes is a little commitment, and I’m happy to help along the way. Below you will find my 10K Training Schedule for someone 4 weeks out from a race. At 4 weeks out you should be comfortable running 30+ minutes inorder to follow this:

Mandy’s 10km Training Program



-3-5 runs/week (incorporate some hills).

-Week 1 – there may be a few terms that look unfamiliar, here’s a brief description of what they mean: Interval Training – running short distances faster than usual, followed by a short rest, and repeat (if you can still talk while you’re running, you’re not going fast enough!). Tempo Runs – ‘comfortably hard pace’ – train your body to clear the lactic acid that causes your muscles to “burn”. Strength Training – after a run incorporate weights for 15-20 min, whether you choose to do dead lifts, squats, bench press, it’s up to you!

-Week 2 – much the same, you’re just covering more distance.

-Week 3 – this week incorporates a 10K run, so that when you wake up on the morning of the race and think ‘can I do this?’, you know you can, cause you already HAVE!

-Week 4 – covers less distance but keeps you moving, rest days are VERY important, don’t skip them!

-Not comfortable running a 10K yet? Or signed up for the race last minute?? No problem, try running for 10 minutes and walking for 1 minute – there’s always options!




And for those more ambitious runners…the BMO Marathon, Half Marathon, 8K Run, and Teen Challenge is only 6 weeks away (CTV is the main sponsor too – Woohoo!!!). Below you will find the Marathon Training Program we talked about on the show:

Mandy’s BMO Marathon Training Program



-the next 6 weeks should consist of 3-5 runs/week.

-I highly suggest including a long steady run at 4.5hrs (average marathon time) to get the feel, and give mental strength. Much like we did in the 10K!

-If you’re a seasoned marathon runner, ‘Progressive Pace’ runs work great! Running in sets of 10 to 15 minutes you’ll want to build through your marathon pace, half marathon pace, going even as fast as your 10k pace before recovering, and doing the whole thing again!

-Active Recovery is very important! Find something that works for you – whether it be yoga, pilates, rowing – something that keeps you active but at a lesser intensity!





-“NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY” Whether it’s a new pair of runners, race shorts, or race-day gel – make sure you give it a go in at least one training session before your big race.

-REST 2 days before race day! And pick up your race package the day prior so it’s less stressful the morning of!

-STRETCH!!! (before and after).

-things that have stuck with me personally – ‘CHEST UP’ and ‘THUMBS UP’ (this helps to pop your hips open and keeps your body in line when fatigue hits).



-again “Nothing new on race day”

-people think you just need to eat healthy the day of or the day before…in fact it’s weeks before!

-keep your meals balanced – some protein, some starches, and veggies (hey, kind of like you should be eating all the time!)

-go for smaller meals with more frequency…set your alarm as a reminder!

-it’s not uncommon to lose your appetite the morning of a race (nervousness before a race is a good thing – it means that the race means something to you!)

-race gels or chews are great right before, during, and after your run. But avoid using these IN PLACE of regular nutrition (say, waking up on race morning and having a package of chews rather than a banana).  They contain high levels of simple and complex carbohydrates, as well as caffeine in many instances, and you don’t want to face a “crash-and-burn” on your way to the race!

-get a good SLEEP! 8-10hrs minimal!



-most established run stores offer run clinics and weekly training groups, best part is they are led by store employees – so if you’re looking for a great group to run with, start first with the store at which you buy your shoes.

-these peoples’ passion is running – from equipment, to training advice, to the newest race you should register for – they can be a great source of information!

-Some suggestions – Forerunners in Kitsiano, The Run Inn in Kerrisdale, The Right Shoes, Distance Runwear, Kintec, North Shore Athletics, The Runners Den, Running Room, Lululemon…just to name a few!

Last but not least, HAVE FUN! And be ready to surprise yourself of what you’re capable of!