Blonyx: A Day-By-Day Analysis

Blonyx: A Day-By-Day Analysis
Mandy Gill


I often times look at myself as an experiment before I recommend anything to MGM Fitness & MGM Fit Foods clients. The buzz about Blonyx had me all ears since the company's early years, leaving me reaching out to their founder with drilling questions. As a Crossfit competitor since 2010, the risk of creatine causing water retention in not just myself, but predominantly my female clients, outweighed its strength and explosive power benefits. However I’m happy to admit, Blonyx proved me wrong.


I cautiously accepted my first thirty days of taking Blonyx by analyzing each day one-by-one. I wanted the closest look into this experiment opportunity as many of us would if we were to record a strength program, or benchmark workouts. Towards the end of week one, I was quickly taken back when reviewing my first few notes of taking Blonyx and the positive effects it was having on my recovery and performance. Heading into week two my entries weren’t the same, they were better...take a look for yourself below.


Blonyx Journal Entries - beginning July 18th, 2016


Day 1: First day back from a summer vacation. Got myself to the gym!

Day 2: Set a reminder to go off in my phone for AM/PM dose.

Day 3: Thank goodness for the alarm - found it hard to remember evening dose.

Day 4: No sign of water retention - YAY!

Day 5-7: Noticing faster recovery post workout.

Day 8-11: Endurance during workouts and barbell complexes is visibly becoming more consistent. Training partners are commenting despite not knowing of the experiment.

Day 12: ‘Strength’. The 2016 Crossfit Games had just wrapped up and Double DT was programmed by my coach, Joe Scali. My exceptional final score was without a doubt due to this new routine.

Day 13-19: Workout sessions lasting 2.5 hours were becoming more manageable and effective.

Day 20-22: Another noticeable increase in strength during previously taxing lifts.

Day 23-26: A general consistency across training sessions with no muscle fatigue feeling. At all!

Day 27-30: Deadlift and squat numbers have increased, and all around power during workouts is in full force.

The proof was in the results. Not only did I feel I was performing my best for the first time in years, but the side effects were non existent thanks to a high quality, clean, additive free product backed by a large amount of research studies. Blonyx is top of my list the moment a MGM client approaches me with an interest to gain speed in endurance, or push their training in strength. Blonyx, also a first believer of supplements ‘supplementing’ a good diet and training program, is a must-have if you’re looking to take your training to the next level.