Get Active After School!


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Time gaps before and after school can be empty and lonely for kids—and a challenge for busy parents! But no need to stress, the Lower Mainland is full of programs to assist students of all ages with learning that regular exercise boosts self-esteem, and promotes a healthy lifestyle!



-Every girl is different and unique! This empowerment program for girls ages 8-12 years old (grades 3-7) helps to teach girls about confidence, bullying, being a positive peer, goal setting and success, healthy living, values, and more!

-The program is all about running – because simply put it’s the cheapest sport you can do! During lunch hour, or after school, founder Ashley Wiles and her team take the girls on 1km runs, and slowly build them up to prepare for a 5km run at the end of the 8 week program. Not only does this take physical preparation, but mental too!

-In society these days bullying is a very popular topic. And through Sole Girls, the participates get the opportunity to express themselves in a group setting and learn how to address bullying, regardless if they are the bully, person being bullied, or the bystander.

-The program is offered in various schools across the Lower Mainland, as well as through Mountain Equipment Co-op

*A study done by The McCreary Center Society in BC states that 60% of girls who were too thing, thought they were too fat



-Vars/ty is all for TEENS, and was designed for both guys and girls!

-What makes VARS/TY different from other youth fitness program is that it’s not just a fitness program. It is for youth who want an edge in their sport or activity, but it is also for youth who are looking for functional fitness, movement, strength and conditioning.

-In one hour, youth are put through a safe and challenging workout, and at the end of every session there is always space for youth to bring up any questions, have discussion and get support from an experienced and connected youth worker from the community. This is an opportunity for youth to have dialogue and guidance about the things that are relevant to them (school, volunteer work, employment, bullying, relationships etc).

-This program takes place in North Vancouver after school Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

*I’ve first hand watched teens grow from this experience, and it’s mind blowing to see their confidence levels grow from where they were when they first started



-Girlvana Yoga was created to inspire conscious living in teens and to create space and time for that conversation to take place.

-With programs that run in high schools and dance studios all throughout the lower mainland as well as weekend workshops and retreats, the intent of Girlvana is to bring some theory of yoga to a younger generation, ignite the understanding of choice in how these young ladies experience their lives and shift how they see abundance and their personal success.

-The work addresses real issues from bullying to eating disorders and everything in between.


YMCA Kids Club:

-At the YMCA, after-school programs provide children aged 5-12 with a place to be with their friends, create and contribute, while engaging in physical activity both indoors and outdoors.

-Kids Clubs are spread all over the Lower Mainland – Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Chilliwack


Kids Clubs:

-With almost every activity under the rainbow, from book and chess clubs to archery and music club, students of ALL ages are bound to find something they love!