It’s a Saturday, and you’ve been working hard the last couple months all for this opportunity to show off your bathing suit bod at the beach. One problem: Your stomach’s so swollen that a t-shirt will have to do. Sound familiar? Bloating’s a common but annoying symptom with many causes!

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The food we put in our body has A LOT to do with bloating. You may be surprised by what could be creeping into your diet that might just be the reason to blame as to why you’re not seeing those sculpted muscles. Today we’ll discuss the most popular 6 foods that cause bloating, and the top 6 foods that don’t! You may be surprised 



-Cruciferous Veggies: They’re great foods for long-term weight loss, but if there’s one time not to chow down on broccoli, cabbage, or kale, it’s right before you hit the beach! These veggies contain a complex sugar that’s known to cause lots of bloating.


-Dairy: If you’ve got any form of lactose intolerance, then avoid dairy before you hit the beach. Between gas, bloating, and other discomforts, it’s your best bet just to say no.


-Gum: Chewing on gum may seem harmless for your debloating cause, but it can actually cause your belly to swell. The reason makes sense: you’re swallowing large amounts of air.


-Salt: Super salty foods or added salt don’t necessarily make you gassy, but they definitely make you retain water. Even though those cantina chips and salsa may seem like the ideal summertime grub, opt for something with lower levels of sodium to help you feel your best.

 -Carbonated Drinks: Please do yourself a favor and say goodbye to pop for good! What some people do as a substitute is drink sparkling water if you can’t get enough of those bubbles. With that said, it’s best to avoid any carbonated drinks before you hit the beach to steer clear of unnecessary bulge or gas.

 -Sugary Mixed Drinks: While piña coladas are nearly synonymous with dreamy resort beaches, all that extra sugar is not helping your cause. Between natural sugars and the artificial sweeteners found in these cool drinks, the high levels of fructose can make you bloat.




-Cucumber: They’re not just a tasty snack—cukes are loaded with water, which helps fight bloat. Basically, the more water you take in without fiber, the more you pee. And the more you pee, the flatter your stomach feels.


-Watermelon: Just like cucumbers, watermelon is loaded with, uh, water—which, again, fights bloat. It’s also less than 100 calories per large wedge, and surprisingly isn’t loaded with sugar (oh, and it tastes delish) 


-Asparagus: You probably already know that water retention is one of the reasons you puff out, but asparagus can help reduce it. Add a few stalks to your meal the night before you hit the beach to make sure you’re looking flat the next day. 


-Egg whites: Try an egg-white omelette before you hit the beach. It’s packed with protein, which will fill you up, and acts like a pee-inducing diuretic to de-bloat you.

 -Banana: Ate something salty the night before? Eat a banana in the a.m.! High-potassium foods like this can off-set sodium and prevent you from puffing out.


-Avocado: Try to include at least one healthy fat in every meal, like avocado, nut butter, fish, or olive oil. They’ll help you feel full without too much volume.