Stay FIT While Traveling!

Welcome to ‘COCONUT AIR’ with CTV Morning Live


Summer is in full swing, and that means traveling is high on the list of priorities! However, we all know ‘that’ feeling after coming back from vacation and wishing we had done a little extra to stay in shape – and a ‘little’ is really all we need!

Today on CTV Morning Live watch none other than Flight Center’s Allison Wallace, & Yew Restaurants Head Chef Ned Bell take on a quick 10 minute workout that can be done while watching TV in the hotel room only using a SUITCASE! Fun, right?  Check it out HERE!



# of situps in one minute


SUITCASE WORKOUT – add clothes, or shoes into suitcase to add weight

-10 x jump back and forth over suitcase

-10 x suitcase side-to-side overhead press – on your knees place the suitcase on your right shoulder with one hand on each side. Tighten abs and glutes and press bag overhead as you transfer to the left shoulder. Continue alternating sides (Need a tougher option? Sit on your butt with legs in V form)

-10 x suitcase mountain climber – with the suitcase on the floor slip the toe of your left foot into the top handle, as you go into the pushup position. Your body should be a in a straight line from your head to your ankles. Brace your core and drag the suitcase forward as you bring your left knee as close to your chest as you can without rounding your lower back. Reverse the move and repeat. Switch legs with each circuit.



Set of staircases in the hotel? Try this!


Find a set of stairs

Run up one flight of stairs, run back down to bottom

10 Squats and 10 pushups

Repeat for 10 sets



On long plane rides (and car rides) your blood circulation can be affected and your muscles may tense up! Some people get swollen feet because of water retention in their legs! And in serious cases not being able to move for a long period of time can cause blood clots and deep vein thrombosis.



-shoulder and ankle rolls

-slowly rotate neck left to right

-bring chest to touch thighs

-bring your knee to your chest and hug it, alternate

…walk down the isle! OR if you’re like Ally in the segment, you can handstand walk down the isle!  …helloooo travel insurance!


-a lacrosse ball is a MUST! Want to work out little knots? This thing is a lifesaver! Easy and light to carry onto a flight, just pinpoint where the aches and pains are and roll away! Tennis balls are okay in a pinch too!


-Not only are Real Xtreme RX capris super comfy for long plane rides, and great to work out in, but they also provide COMPRESSION to help with blood circulation on long flights! BONUS!


Last but certainly not least take a second to check out what Ned Bell is up to on the morning of his 40th birthday! HINT: It’s a 900km bike trip all for a great cause!


Today was extra special thanks to my Mom & Sister having a front row seat to watch the segment at CTV while visiting from Calgary!