(Celebrating at the top of Grouse with my hiking partner Sharon aka Mama T!)




The beginning of June means there’s no better time then NOW to get hiking! Today we’re going to cover trails that range from easy to difficult, from half to full day hikes, and each covering a different region across the Lower Mainland! This beautiful backyard of ours is full of mountain top views, tranquil lakes, thick west coast rain forests, and beautiful waterfalls.

Lets get started!!!!


 Just off the shore of Deep Cove in North Vancouver sits a large rock you just can’t miss! Quarry Rock (also known as Grey Rock), offers some spectacular views of the Indian Arm, and is part of the Baden Powell Trail. My favorite parts about this hike are the maze of tree roots you have to climb through at the beginning, and the amount of dogs and kids that join in the fun!

(Even my 5lb dog Mylo LOVES Quarry Rock!)

This is the largest lake the Lower Mainland has to offer! It’s full of beavers, ducks, geese, and much more! The 10km hiking path loops around the entire park area, which I’ve also tested out as a running route – and it was fabulous! Fun Fact – The rowing pavilion, which you’ll pass on the hike, hosted events for the 1973 Canada Summer Games

*Someone around my weight (135lbs) burns approximately 800 calories hiking for 2hrs



This island is a beautiful little island located just off the tip of Belcarra Regional Park. The hike itself won’t take you to the island (because it’s not accessible), but it will take you to a beach to get some spectacular views of it! While walking along the beach keep a look out for seals and eagles which frequent the area!

The best way to enjoy The Chief is to go up EARLY…oops, I shouldn’t have shared my secret! The gorgeously humongous rock towers high above the town of Squamish, offering some stunning views. Hikers have an option of going to all 3 peaks in a day, or just choosing the shorter trip and doing 1 peak!  I wouldn’t recommend dogs on this trail due to many sections having ladders and narrow ledges. I also find this trail to be a bit hard on my knees on the way down, these have helped me tremendously.


 (Beautiful view off the 1st peak of The Chief with my best friend Chelsea!)


This by far is Vancouver’s most used trail, known for its challenge of strength and endurance while climbing up 850m in just 3km! Thankfully each quarter mark of the trail has a sign to let you know where you’re at – a true saving grace! The best part – once you make it to the top you can take the gondola back down!!!

This is Harrison Lake’s answer to the Grouse Grind! This route climbs up the side of a steep mountain along the Campbell Lake trail, leaving you with breathtaking views of Harrison Lake at the top!

*On these 6hr hikes, someone my size is burning around 2,200 calories



You’re spending most of the day hiking, so what are you going to bring???

-Most importantly you’ll want to TRAVEL LIGHT! I love using my Urban Trekker Backpack from Lululemon!

-Bring sunscreen and bug spray

-Lots of H20! I personally love bringing along the all natural Q-Energy Drink full of vitamins and electrolytes

-Pack snacks (energy bars, fresh fruit or dried, trail mix, low sodium beef jerky), OR if you’re going for a long hike bring lunch! Make sure to focus on consuming *Healthy Carbs and Fats, and Lean Proteins*


-Rain Gear

-….AND a glass of WINE (for the top)!